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Published August 9, 2018 - By Harjeet S. Gulati
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Online stores are all about generating revenue. Yes, website traffic is critical but there is little point in spending on getting traffic but hardly any sales through your online store. That is why conversion rates are so critical for any eCommerce store.

Good Design precedes great conversion rates!

Generating a return on your investment in driving traffic hinges on transforming website visitors into buyers and that process starts with your homepage or campaign landing pages. Start by asking these two questions:


Can shoppers understand what your website is selling within three seconds of landing on your home page?


Would a prospect trust you with his or her credit card details?

Following design best-practices is one way to get started on this journey. Work with designers who understand user experience design, business and what you're trying to achieve. Staying involved during the design process is a great way to ensure things are on track. Remember, good design is tailored around your brand, not the other way around.

While beta testing with a sample of your audience will reveal how your website design actually performs in the real world, solutions like VWO, Google Web Optimizer or Optimizely can be a great resource as they enable you to test out your designs and take informed decisions based on actual usage metrics. This enables you to catch mistakes or low-performing designs early.

Integrating monitoring tools within your code, subject to the privacy levels you've committed to, can enable you to visually monitor users surging your online store. The deep insights this generates into how visitors are responding to your website design is priceless. Understanding of your audience’s needs, behaviours and response to your brand and website is key to building a high conversion rate.

Address Pain-points upfront

From security of online transactions, to returns and refunds, buyers have so many reasons not to buy from you. As a retailed you need to be a step ahead. If you offer free shipping or a great returns policy, highlight these and address these potential objections up front. That’s a great way of improving your conversions by disarming potential concerns a website visitor might have about buying from you before they raise them.

Go Mobile

People on the go don't need 800-word essays on why your product is great. They need a quick way to navigate, get the information they want, and make a purchase. Your mobile strategy has to be get them to do it quickly, painlessly, and efficiently. If your website is not optimized for mobile customers, or you're not offering a mobile app for your store, that’s potential revenue walking out the digital door!

There are two components to your mobile strategy - optimizing your online store for mobile platforms, and getting your own mobile app. Ensure your website caters to your mobile users’ needs by avoiding information overload. This will enhance its usability and drive up conversion rates. The rule of thumb here is to give your potential customers a clear view of your products together with the information they are looking for.

Differentiating your online store in a crowded marketplace can be hard. That's why mobile apps are such a great idea for any online store. Your own mobile app can enable you to keep your brand front and center of your users' attention span. With push notifications and an ability to know customer buying patterns and behaviors in a much better way than a website, mobile apps can be a great weapon in the arsenal.

With services like Evantiv Commerce, building your own mobile app doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars and months of time.

Understand your Customer Journey

Improve your customer engagement and lifetime value by nudging website visitors based on deep insights into past customer journeys. Tools like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, or Google Analytics, are great to help you create experiences customers love! Discover which features spiked your conversion, engagement, and retention scores. Then test ways to improve and adapt your website based on what worked and what didn’t.

Mapping your customers' journey through your online store is the first step towards creating stellar user experiences that lead to great conversion.

Interact. Communicate. Understand.

Today online shoppers are a savvy lot. They prefer instant communication channels for a quick response to their queries. Integrating solutions like Intercom, Spark or even the new Facebook Messenger for websites are a highly effective way to interact with your website visitors in real-time and prompt them down the quick conversion path. This enables you to answer queries and resolve their issues much quicker than conventional support channels.

Nothing beats great Customer Service

You can never go wrong with great customer service and while you may be thinking what has customer service got to do with conversion rate, I'd say everything. Great customer service is the bedrock on which customer relationships are built. Happy, satisfied customers spread the word, and come back for repeat purchases. That's good for business, good for your brand, and good for your profitability.

Quick Fixes? Hardly.

Conversion Rate optimization is often thought of as a quick fix to get more sales to flow through your online store. Regardless or what many say, quick fixes are just that - quick fixes. They don't build your brand. They don't enable you to grow. And they certainly are more headache than they're worth. Focus on a holistic strategy to grow your sales, build your brand, and create online experiences that users crave.


Harjeet S. Gulati

CEO, Millipixels Interactive LLP

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