Project Overview

iYuno is the leading provider of subtitling, translation, dubbing, and access & media services to the world's most popular entertainment companies. Being in this industry for over 25 years, iYuno's passion for quality has helped it build the most robust and flexible production process in the entertainment industry.

The Engagement

We worked with iYuno to develop a system that enabled influencers to expand their audience, gain credibility, and increase viewer impressions and conversions using hyper-targeted ads.

A Full-Service Engagement

Detailed UX Audit

Auditing existing UX practices and libraries for repeatable patterns consistent with the brand.

User Research

Researching user needs, behaviors, critical workflows, and pain points

Information Architecture

Working with the technical leadership to define and architect the ‘Core UX’ in the application environment.

Interactive Design and UX Flows

Optimizing the user journey's for thousands of interactions with the product every day.

UI Design + Design System

Leveraging user research to validate UI/UX designs and flows.

Front-end Development and Quality Assurance

Developing a robust, quality-centric app for media asset management, enabling iYuno to bring ideas to life.