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Let’s Talk is a groundbreaking customer intelligence platform for marketers that turns customer data into actionable marketing intelligence by seamlessly integrating customer data from disparate data sources. Marketers use to get deeper insights into their customers’ behaviours, preferences, characteristics and needs, and create extremely relevant, hyper-personalized communications.

Engagement Overview

With our successful track record of designing complex, data-driven user experiences for clients worldwide, Millipixels worked with to redefine and reimagine UX & UI for their next generation customer intelligence platform from the ground up, and devised a strategic UX framework to keep pace with changing marketing priorities and opportunities.

  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design & UX Flows
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • UX Design
  • UI Design + Design System
  • Front-end Dev & Quality Assurance
  • Design Validation

The Challenge

The journey to discover answers begins with the questions we needed to answer, the hills we needed to climb. As a leading solution in a very competitive space, our challenges were rather clear.

Design for the long-term AND the short term!

Articulate and design a longer term visual strategy, but stay mindful of the quick wins along the way. Leverage existing design patterns where needed.

Demystify and abstract out Complexity

As a self-service business intelligence platform for marketers, abstract out the inherent complexity of the AI and data science interventions.Make the experience enjoyable and productive for the end users.

Deliver actionable insights, not just information

Stay clear of linear, prescriptive pathways and lead users on to a path of discovery without needing a degree in data science! Empower them to explore for answers to their most pertinent questions with relevant, insightful presentation of data.

The Journey

We acted as’s internal product team as we deliberated on decisions that would define the platform’s path forward in terms of its user experience and visual strategy.

Over the course of several months, our team worked collaboratively with Distil’s executive team and product owners to better understand the needs of the end-users, identify opportunities for improvement, (and disruption), and strategize for the next generation of the platform.

Remote User Research Sessions
item4Images2 Team
United Kingdom
Designing the User Interface for platform
at our QuarkCity SEZ Design Studio
Elina Scorey
Chief Business Development Officer,

Primary user research activities were carried out onsite in the UK by the team, with our team participating remotely in many of these sessions. The Millipixels team provided secondary research and analysis to help crystallize the requirements.

We relied on the combination of structured analysis with individual intuitiveness and innovation in working through some of the trickiest areas of the platform. An iterative approach with rapid feedback loops helped us learn from real customers and create an experience that drew new customers in while keeping existing customers engaged.

While our team took over the reins once we had what we needed to know about what the customers were looking for, and where the pain points were, we continued to work iteratively through the information architecture and interaction design phases with the team. We saw the areas we had to completely re-engineer versus where we could leverage existing design choices.


Remote User Research Sessions

item4Images2 Team

United Kingdom

Designing the User Interface for platform

at our QuarkCity SEZ Design Studio

Elina Scorey

Chief Business Development Officer,
  • Primary User Research Onsite in the UK
  • Secondary User Research and Analysis at Millipixels India
  • Design Thinking approach that combined structured analysis with individual intuition
  • Iterative approach with rapid feedback cycles
  • Identified areas of reuse as well as opportunities for ground-breaking UI

The Solution

An engagement is only as successful as the results it delivers. With, we designed a user experience that empowered its users to find meaningful answers to their most pressing customer data questions.
The result was a sophisticated, relevant and insightful customer intelligence tool that marketers are using to get more value from their marketing spend.

Focused on

Millipixels was vital in helping us design and verify the design for the platform. The result is something that our users love, and has been praised by everyone who has seen it. I look at more mature platforms and think they look terrible compared to ours!

Gerry McNicol

CEO & Chief Data Scientist, BIG Data Consulting
Exeter, United Kingdom


From Zero to Data-Hero, marketing teams using have seen revenue grow by over 50%

SInce launch, has revolutionized personalized interactions with customers, taking a number of marketing teams on the zero to data-hero journey. The result - revenues with some of Distil customers have grown by as much as 50%.

formZoneItem1 formZoneItem1Over

Empower users to discover patterns, seek answers to their unique questions, within their own context.


Seamless Integration with existing tools and infrastructure to deliver an experience marketers love

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