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Reimagining Eurofins Media QC Environment

We assisted Eurofins in developing a seamless media QC experience and enabling smooth client collaboration.
User Research UX Design UI Design Interactive Prototyping
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Project Overview

With headquarters in Burbank and offices in 44 countries, Eurofins Digital Media Services is a leader in media quality control, technical analysis, and media testing for numerous TV broadcasters, motion picture studios, OTT, and independent content producers.

The Engagement

Our team worked with Eurofins to reimagine their media QC experience and ensure the UX was stellar across all touchpoints.

Detailed UX Audit

Auditing existing UX practices and libraries for repeatable patterns consistent with the brand.

User Research & Brainstorming

Researching user needs, behaviors, critical workflows, and pain points.

Information Architecture

Working with the technical leadership to define and architect the 'Core UX' for the application environment.

Interaction Design

Optimizing the user journey's for thousands of interactions with the product every day.


The Challenge

Our main challenge was to design an interactive UX/UI experience that encompassed all QC checks and client collaboration, without compromising on quality.

The Journey

From user research to ideation to simplifying the user journey, our team assisted Eurofins to define every aspect, paving the path to bring their ideas to life.

With our extensive experience in UI/UX design, we were able to capture Eurofins' requirements and design the complete UX for the product, including clickable prototypes. Once we tested all the prototypes, we developed the portal from scratch.

Focusing on Outcomes

"Millipixels was able to deliver the project on time and ensure our dev schedules were respected throughout. The quality of work we've received from Millipixels has also been top notch. We were very pleased with the end-result."

Raphael Morozov

-CTO, Eurofins DMS

The Solution

We developed a frictionless experience for the end-users as they engage Eurofins QC teams and allow them to collaborate effectively throughout their engagement. For the QConDemand portal, we brought a fresh perspective and UX/UI expertise to ensure the creation of a quality product.

The result was a platform that looks good and offers a seamless collaboration experience for our client with the end-users. This has resulted in faster turnaround times and improved the quality of deliverables for Eurofins.

The Big Takeaways

We recognized that a few critical use cases drove the project's objectives, and if we executed those well, the UX framework would work well for its intended audience.

Quick, transparent client collaboration

Our solution enabled Eurofins to offer a seamless UI/UX experience and ensure smooth collaboration throughout the engagement.

Delivering quality content, faster

Bridging the communication gap between Eurofins and their clients, Eurofins was able to deliver on their client expectations better and faster.

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