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Digital Asset Management for a Global Media Localization Company

We worked with Iyuno Media Group to design and optimize the way they organize, access, manage, and share their digital assets.
User Research UX Design UI Design Interactive Prototyping
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Project Overview

Iyuno Media Group is a global localization and entertainment technology company that offers state-of-the-art subtitling, dubbing, and media services with 35+ offices spread across 30 countries. Iyuno Media Group partnered with us to reimagine and come up with a streamlined digital asset management solution.

The Engagement

Our team worked with the Iyuno Media Group team to come up with a structured, optimized digital asset management solution.

Detailed UX Audit

Auditing existing UX practices and libraries for repeatable patterns consistent with the brand.

User Research & Brainstorming

Researching user needs, behaviors, critical workflows, and pain points.

Information Architecture

Working with the technical leadership to define and architect the 'Core UX' for the application environment.

Interaction Design

Optimizing the user journey's for thousands of interactions with the product every day.

The Challenge

As their business continued to grow, employees found it difficult to manage, find, and share digital assets between teams. The challenge was to create a DAM solution that didn't damage Iyuno's current digital assets and streamline the entire process for more security, cross-team access, and efficiency.

The Contours of our Solution

We recognized the need for Iyuno to reflect a greater emphasis on digital asset management and move away from the traditional, offline form of asset management.

Transitioning from Traditional To Interactive Asset Management

Our consulting teams worked with Iyuno to define its digitalization and monetization strategies and lay the groundwork for the development of a more interactive and user-friendly experience.

A Robust, Scalable DAM Infrastructure

Our team designed the Inyuno DAM infrastructure from the ground up on scalable open-source technologies, emphasizing cloud-native deployment.

Initiatives Laying The Foundation Of A Better Experience

We started with a detailed UX Audit of Iyuno's existing processes and platforms. Our team focused on creating a seamless, consistent experience across multiple devices and form-factors.


Focussed Outcome

Millipixels was vital in helping us design and verify the design for the platform. The result is something that our users love, and has been praised by everyone who has seen it. I look at more mature platforms and think they look terrible compared to ours!

The Solution

With Iyuno Media Group, we designed a DAM strategy that empowered the employees to find meaningful solutions to their most pressing issues. The result was a sophisticated, structured, easy-to-navigate platform that employees are using to enhance the process of sharing and receiving any type of digital asset.

The Big Takeaways

We aligned all KPIs in this project and executed them well to ensure the UX framework we created worked well for its intended audience.

One-stop shop for all media assets

Upload, access, manage, store, edit, and transport media assets on-the-go. Promoting cross-team communication, our solution paved the path for iYuno's team to work together and reimagine the entire production process.

One change, many ripples. Keep everything in sync.

Editing or trimming a media file can throw its subtitles, translations, and dubbing out of sync. Our solution enabled iYuno to locate, edit, and keep all files in sync - substantially reducing iYuno's time, cost, and effort.

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