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eCommerce Design & Brand Refresh

eCommerce Design and Brand refresh for an eLearning platform, helping millions of students reach their potential.
User Research UX Design UI Design Interactive Prototyping
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Project Overview

Founded in 1888 by James H. McGraw and John A. Hill, McGraw-Hill Education is a global leader in providing students and teachers adaptive learning solutions. McGraw-Hill Education's product portfolio consists of over sixty thousand titles proven to help students and educators learn and teach more effectively.

McGraw-Hill partnered with us to showcase their evolution from a textbook publisher to a learning solution provider. With our expertise in Digital Commerce initiatives, we designed and delivered a re-imagined web and mobile platform that enabled Mc-Graw-Hill to lay the foundation for its future endeavors.

The Engagement

Our team worked with the McGraw-Hill Interactive Services team to redefine their core eCommerce experience. Our successful track record of designing complex, data-driven user experiences for clients worldwide, helped us devise a strategic UX framework to meet the evolving customer needs.

Detailed UX Audit

Auditing existing UX practices and libraries for repeatable patterns consistent with the brand.

User Research & Brainstorming

Researching user needs, behaviors, critical workflows, and pain points. Brainstorming for ideation and problem-solving.

Information Architecture

Working with the technical leadership to define and architect the 'Core UX' for the application environment.

Interaction Design

Optimizing the user journeys for thousands of interactions with the product every day.

The Challenge

Traditional courseware delivery was not sufficient to provide students with the quality education they deserve. Teachers could not track their students' progress, and learners did not have timely access to updated study materials.

McGraw-Hill is a leader in providing teachers and students services that combine their content with adaptive learning software. As MGH is a leading solution in a very competitive space, our challenges were relatively clear.

There was a pressing need for a seamless and interactive digital solution that gave learners the freedom to access the latest curriculum-mandated courseware and let educators have better control over their students' overall performance and learning.

From the brand perspective, the challenge was to develop an architecture that provides an excellent customer experience at all stages of the buyer's journey. It pulls in new leads while keeping the existing customers engaged and providing reliable revenue assurance.

The Solution / Contours of Our Solution

With McGraw-Hill, we designed an eCommerce experience and a brand refresh strategy that empowered the users to find meaningful solutions to their most pressing issues. The result was a sophisticated, relevant, and easy-to-navigate, interactive learning platform that educators and students use to enhance the experience of sharing and receiving knowledge.

Simplified Courseware Delivery

Our design assistance simplified the eCommerce presence of the platform so that users can quickly see through the interactive learning options by McGraw-Hill, like - eBooks, SmartBook subscriptions, and curriculum-mandate materials to make an informed choice.

Easy Performance Tracking

Our in-depth and accurate user research helped McGraw-Hill get a better understanding of their users' pain points. With the help of their team, we developed tools to measure class and student performance, build dashboards, grab insights, etc., giving educators more power to optimize their class.

Drive Student Success

Students these days are always on the run. They need a learning experience that is personalized, flexible and fits their fast-moving lifestyle. Our interactive design and front-end development solutions revamped students' learning experience across all devices and allowed them to learn on their own terms.


We integrated the social media element and educator testimonials with the marketing content within the product page to increase acceptance and to gain credibility with social proof. The result is a system that has redefined MGH's market approach strategy and acceptability.


Focussed Outcome

Millipixels was vital in helping us design and verify the design for the platform. The result is something that our users love, and has been praised by everyone who has seen it. I look at more mature platforms and think they look terrible compared to ours!

Harjeet S. Gulati

CEO & Chief Data Scientist, BIG Data Consulting
Exeter, United Kingdom

The Big Takeaways

We recognized the need for MGH to reflect a greater emphasis on digital, immersive learning, and move away from its position as a textbook publisher.

Improving Adoption and Enhancing The Impact of eCommerce

Providing a consistent and distinctive experience to its users was central to MGH's strategy of its adaptive learning solutions. There was a need for an interface that aligned with the needs of learners and educators. We worked with McGraw-Hill in full-service engagement to rejuvenate their core values with a unique learning and teaching experience.

Initiatives Laying The Foundation Of A Better Customer Experience

We started with a detailed UX Audit of MGH's existing processes and platforms. We identified essential areas to focus on while redesigning their customer experience. With most of the students using mobile browsers to access study materials, our design team focused on creating a seamless, consistent experience across multiple devices and form-factors.

Transition From Traditional To Interactive Learning

Transitioning an iconic brand of education from its traditional textbook publishing standing to an interactive digital platform was not easy. Our consulting teams worked with MGH to define its digitalization and monetization strategies and lay the groundwork for the development of a more interactive and user-friendly education experience.

A Robust, Scalable eCommerce Infrastructure

Our team designed the MGH eCommerce infrastructure from the ground up on scalable open-source technologies, emphasizing cloud-native deployment. The result, was a fast, desktop and mobile-optimized experience for McGraw-Hill users and the conversion rates escalated quickly.

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