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Project Overview

For over 40 years, James Stanfield Company created award-winning Special Learning programs that are used in schools across the United States and Canada to support Social Competence and Transition Readiness in students with cognitive, learning, and behavioral disabilities. JSC partnered with us to reconstruct its web platform, keeping in mind its value proposition and future missions. Our team worked with JSC Team to create an eLearning platform that scales as user needs grow.

The Engagement

Our team worked with the JSC team to redefine their core eCommerce experience. Our successful track record of designing complex, data-driven user experiences for clients worldwide, helped us devise a strategic UX framework to meet the evolving customer needs.

UX Services

Detailed UX Audit, User Research, Interactive Prototyping UX Design, IA, IxD, Building Stanfield Design System

System Architecture & Design

System Analysis, eCommerce Solution Design, eLearning Architecture.

Visual Brand Refresh

Brand Refresh, Visual Identity Updates.

System Development and Rollout

Development on open-source frameworks, with full CI/CD Pipeline for rollout.

Infrastructure Management & Ongoing Maintenance

Capacity Management, Security Updates and Ongoing Feature Enhancements

The Challenge

The capability of young children to control their emotions and behaviors and to make significant friendships is a vital requirement for school readiness and educational success. For the past four decades, JSC has developed programs like LifeSmart Curriculum, BeCool Conflict Resolution, etc., to promote Social Competence and Transition Readiness in teenagers and youths.

The challenge was to cultivate a consistent and unique omnichannel experience to increase JSC's Special learning solutions' reach. We had to think beyond just a pretty interface for its eCommerce initiatives and a revamped model that aligned with the requirements of its users.

The Solution - A reimagined eCommerce Infrastructure

Our full-service engagement with JSC aimed at rejuvenating their core value proposition. We combined the advantages of headless eCommerce with a deep focus on an optimized user journey that reinforced JSC's position as an industry leader.

eCommerce solution design and implementation are more than just choosing the cart and designing the purchase pathway. An optimized infrastructure can mean all the difference between an average store and a high-performing eCommerce store.

Our team designed the JSC eCommerce infrastructure from the ground up on scalable open-source technologies, emphasizing cloud-native deployment. The result has been a blazingly fast, mobile-optimized experience for users with conversions up 23% within the first month of the web platform's relaunch.

The Contours of Our Solution

We recognized the need for James Stanfield to emphasize digital learning and strengthen social competence and transition readiness in young children.

Laying the foundations of a better
customer experience

We started with a detailed UX Audit of JSC's existing processes and platforms. We identified essential areas to focus on while redesigning their customer experience. Our design team focused on creating a seamless, consistent experience across multiple devices and form-factors.

A robust, scalable
eCommerce Infrastructure

Our team designed the JSC eCommerce infrastructure from the ground up on scalable open-source technologies, emphasizing cloud-native deployment. As a result, there was a blazingly fast, desktop and mobile-optimized experience for JSC users and the conversion rates escalated quickly.


The child who is ‘left behind’ most is the one who leaves school without transition readiness.

Dr. James Stanfield, Ed.D.

Founder & CEO,

Enabling the transition to
OTT eLearning

Our consulting team worked with JSC to define its OTT model, digitalization and monetization strategies and lay the technical infrastructure's groundwork. We analyzed its courseware and devised the right way to approach its eLearning journey.

In 2020, through the COVID-19 crisis, JSC had the technical agility to be more proactive in addressing macro-environment changes.

Ongoing Infrastructure Management
and Maintenance

Our team provided 24*7 support and maintenance services for the AWS platform, enabling JSC to continue its focus on growing the business. Ongoing enhancements sprints ensured JSC is always a step ahead of the evolving customer requirements.

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