Media organizations rely on our dedicated media services to design and deliver a range of solutions to help them stay competitive and adapt to rapid changes in the media and entertainment landscape.

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MediaDX overview

Crafting Engaging Media Experiences With Insightful Design

Digital innovation, focused investment, and a renewed emphasis on customer experience are changing the media and entertainment industry at a fast pace. Media organizations want leaner operations, better connection with end-users, and seamless integration across multiple platforms.

We have been at the heart of digital media transformation. Our solutions cover the full spectrum of needs in this space - from managing digital media assets, localization, and data transport, to media QC, custom OTT solutions, and new digital media services.

Experience you can
count on

With extensive exposure to the full lifecycle of needs in the media and entertainment space, we empower our clients to adapt and grow their businesses.

Defined UX & Process
Frameworks to accelerate the move to Digital Media

Our experience in the space is exemplified with the use of defined UX frameworks for MAM, QC, portals, and consumer solutions, accelerating time to market and speeding up the revenue cycle.

Reliable, Repeatable
Delivery Model

Our FlexSource delivery model enables our clients to realize measurable value from their engagements with us, helping them navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving environment.

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Taking Media QC to a new level with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Delivering stellar media experiences is what sets the best offerings apart, and Media QC is playing a pivotal role in this. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within Media QC solutions is fast emerging as a game-changer.

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media and entertainment capabilities

Leading the way in designing stellar user experience for media products and systems

We align our solutions with our clients' product strategy and innovate to keep them ahead in an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace. With users central to our design strategy, we test our design at every stage to deliver exceptional experiences and increase adoption rates.

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User Experience & User Interface Design

We use design thinking and user-centered approach to solve key challenges within the media space.


Application Refactoring Webservices, Microservices, Mobile Applications

We use our expertise to refactor legacy applications and migrate app frameworks to the cloud, leveraging secure and scalable microservice frameworks.


Integration with third-party systems 

We are well-versed with the requirements and intricacies of systems used in the media space, including Baton QC, IBM Aspera, DRM frameworks, and common MAM/DAM systems.


Digital Services - Websites, Campaigns, Social Media

Our full-service offering for the Media space enables media organizations put their best foot forward across digital media, helping them connect with the new age consumers like never before.


Media Product Design, Development & Management

We work at the cross-section of technology, data, user experience, and user needs to design and develop products that are focused on connecting media organizations with their consumers. We work closely with our clients, leaning from their experiences, identifying their pain-points and finding innovative solutions that bring new products to market and enhance the appeal of existing products.

Our work in the media and entertainment space has seen us turn numerous paper napkin scribbles to working products, enabling our clients to bring their ideas to market as robust products, integrated with their workflows.

solutions for the media space

Unlocking Digital Media with Innovative experiences

The media space is undergoing a profound change. As audiences discover new ways to discover and consume content, a stellar user experience has emerged as the only differentiator. We work with our clients and shape flexible processes and technologies to deliver adaptable digital distribution solutions.

With years of deep experience in designing innovative media solutions that address these key challenges, we ensure your initiatives and ideas have a measurable impact, and a chance to make their mark in a competitive marketplace. From understanding your users' motivations and the need for a thorough understanding of the regulatory frameworks surrounding user data, we know what it takes to get ideas off the ground.

Product Design & Development

Digital Media Asset Management Solutions

Use our custom Digital Asset Management UX framework to speed up the design and rollout of DAM/MAM solutions, fully integrated with your existing backend systems.

Product Design & Development

Localisation Workflow Management Systems

Work with us to create workflow management that integrate all digital touchpointe, increase speed-to-market, and minimize overall product management costs.

Product Development

Integrated Media QC Systems

Our Media QC team is well-versed with the QC guidelines as well as the different global standards, and we use it to good effect.

Consulting & Strategy, UX, Dev

Influencer Media Solutions & Monetization

Digital media solutions for influencers and consult with them to optimize their investment and monetize their content inventory based on actionable insights.

Third-party System Integration

Content Production Lifecycle Solutions

Leverage data-driven insights to create solutions that help clients decide the right investment scenarios, improve efficiency, and increase profitability by optimizing resources and reducing production downtime.

User Experience Design

Digital Home Services

Harness emerging technologies, like IoT, AI, and remote video support, to help our clients create connected home platform solutions that generate additional revenue streams and meet increasing customer needs.

Enhance the market impact of your new media initiatives.

With years of deep experience in designing solutions for the media industry, addressing key challenges, we ensure your product initiatives and ideas have a measurable impact, and a chance to make their mark in a competitive marketplace.

At Millipixels, we are always looking out to make this world a better place and create a healthier tomorrow. Work with us to discover and design what's next in media and entertainment!


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