We build eCommerce businesses for clients across the globe, helping them create value with retail. We bring the right mix of skills, experience, perspective, and insights to act as an innovation force multiplier that’s by your side when and where you need it.

Millipixels CommerceSX

Next-Generation eCommerce

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CommerceSX overview

Redefining eCommerce for the new decade - Our Innovative approach

In an age where eCommerce is all-pervasive, billions are spent by organizations big and small every year on their eCommerce stores, backend infrastructure, building markets, products, and channels. And it's only getting bigger.

Leverage our proven expertise in building innovative Business as well as Consumer eCommerce solutions that push the limits. Our eCommerceSX approach enables our clients to deliver effective, delightful, and nimble experiences to their users.

Omnichannel eCommerce

Use our expertise in developing omnichannel eCommerce experiences across kiosks, mobile, web and in-store to deliver seamless, personalized customer experience.

eCommerce Implementation
Frameworks & Pattern Libraries

Leverage our best-practices approach with well-defined eCommerce architecture patterns to accelerate time-to-market, without compromising on quality or innovation.

Partnering for

We partner with leading vendors like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce to deliver eCommerce solutions that excel in performance, scalability, security and reliability.

An Integrated approach to

eCommerce is more than just selling online. We enable our clients to integrate their eCommerce operations as a part of their business, integrating with a variety of backend systems wherever needed.

Mobile-first eCommerce

Our strength in mobile eCommerce runs deep. We work with our clients to devise strategies that build loyal clientele with a sharp focus on mobile eCommerce optimizations.

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eCommerce Trends for the New Decade

eCommerce adoption across multiple verticals has witnessed a meteoric rise and to leverage this shift in consumer behavior it is crucial to know where the industry is heading.

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eCommerce Solutions and Services

Creating exceptional eCommerce experiences that help businesses stay ahead

We work with our clients in deep partnership, utilizing our UX, Design and Technology expertise to craft robust, scalable, and secure Digital Commerce initiatives.

Our collective experience and competence help us create solutions that deliver value, maximize growth, and provide the end-users with consistent and seamless interactions across all channels.

capability pattern

Omnichannel eCommerce Experience Design & Development

We solve key challenges of the eCommerce sector and create seamless omnichannel solutions for our clients, that enable them to provide a fluid and unified experience, across all digital and physical channels.



We leverage emerging technologies like AR, VR, and MR, to create immersive experiences for mobile eCommerce. We create conversion-oriented mobile eCommerce design, incorporating the mobile UX design best practices.


Conversion Rate

We handcraft every touchpoint to deliver an exceptional experience while implementing customer acquisition and retention strategies for an increased conversion rate.



We create customized/custom-tailored solutions for brands that sell directly to consumers on social media apps, helping them improve their brand visibility and create more value.


Enterprise eCommerce

We deliver standardised and simplified two-way integrations helping to avoid the pitfalls of running multiple disparate systems and managing large amounts of data.


AI Integration

We integrate AI and ML technologies with our eCommerce solutions to unlock relevant insights for timely and effective decision making for businesses.


Your Challenges. Our expertise.
Enhancing the impact of your initiatives.

The eCommerce sector has evolved, expanding into new areas and becoming all-pervasive. Evolving market dynamics, coupled with changing consumer behavior and expectations have led to accelerated adoption of new technologies in this space.

Our team is inspired by all things digital commerce and we keep ourselves abreast of the changes and trends. We are committed to sharing our knowledge, experience, and insights to drive our clients' success as true partners. Work with us to discover and design what's next in eCommerce!

UX & UI Design

Bespoke, Omnichannel eCommerce experiences

We understand the unique needs of our clients and tailor solutions for an uninterrupted, consistent, and seamless end-user experience across all channels. We help our clients find the right approach to omnichannel adoption for their business, by integrating the stores, mobile, digital marketing, and CRM capabilities.

Product Design & Development

Mobile-enablement for eCommerce Stores

For an eCommerce store to reach its full potential a mobile eCommerce app is needed to complement it. Our solutions provide the optimization of websites for mobile devices and we design mobile eCommerce solutions for better customer engagement, higher revenues, and improved conversion rates.

Product Development & Management

Optimizing eCommerce conversions and sales funnels

From the point when a user lands on an eCommerce page to the moment they make the decision to buy a product, we help our clients understand the buyer's journey, to define and optimize each stage of the sales funnel. We have the tactics that successfully move the consumer down that funnel, from the brand discovery stage to the retention and loyalty phase.

Product Development & Management

B2B eCommerce solutions and System Integration

We understand the complexities of the B2B platform and the specific requirements of the stakeholders in this setting. We create robust, flexible, and scalable B2B eCommerce solutions. Our tailored solutions are fully integrated to provide a seamless flow of data between the various functions of the business and augment the business processes.

Product Development & Management

Multi-vendor marketplaces and infrastructure

To create a unique brand presence in the multi-vendor marketplace, we provide customized solutions that have helped our clients expand their reach. Our solutions provide all essential admin and vendor functions with the add-ins that meet the business requirements.

Product Development & Management

eCommerce graphics and digital campaigns

In a crowded marketplace, a brand's identity and branding should leave a lasting impact on the users and reflects the vision of the business. We integrate eCommerce concepts with our design approach, to create relevant and impactful designs for marketing collaterals, web banners, brand logos, and other promotional content.

Our team of digital marketing experts helps our clients create digital marketing strategies and campaigns, to maximize their online presence and drive higher ROI.

Build a better eCommerce business. Work with us.

You've got ideas. And we can turn those paper napkin scribbles to products that your users will love. From understanding your users' motivations and needs with in-depth user research to designing a user experience architecture that scales with you, we know what it takes to get ideas off the ground. After all, when two of the Big Three consulting companies choose Millipixels to assist them with their UX needs, you sure can as well.

At Millipixels, we've helped our clients give their ideas wings, helping roll out stunning digital products like clockwork. And we'd love to work with you in meeting the challenges you face today.


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