What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a process that helps a business attract new leads. An Inbound marketing strategy puts into action different forms of pull marketing. It gives the purchase and sales control to the end consumers, helping businesses connect with those genuinely interested in what they are bringing to the market.

As IBM reports say, we create around 2.6 quintillion bytes of data every day. Now with this information abundance and attention scarcity, consumers are making buying decisions at their fingertips. And to successfully evolve in this landscape, businesses are relying highly on inbound marketing.

A complete inbound marketing plan with goals


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How Can Inbound Marketing Scale A Business? 

If you are looking to implement a long-term strategy that increases brand awareness, grows client relationships, and ultimately helps generate more revenue, Inbound marketing is for you! 

Enhance Brand Awareness
and Brand Preference

Use Inbound marketing to build trust, educate, entertain and interact with your customers. Use consistent brand messaging to build a stronger brand.

Get Sales and Marketing
Working Together

Inbound marketing to generates warm leads for your sales team and pave a clear path from marketing to sales. Gets everyone in on the action. Effortlessly.

Retain Customers and
Build Relationships

Enhance consumer experience and build lasting relationships for your business with a comprehensive Inbound strategy. Turn customers into raving fans!

Generate More New

Use a multi-channel approach to enable your customers to find and get to you, find new avenues and ways to reach out

Around 93% of buying cycles start with a simple online search. Inbound marketing puts businesses in the right place and lets consumers know about them before they are even thinking about making a purchase.

Access Reliable Metrics and

Measure the effort and impact of your Inbound marketing efforts and make adjustments to your strategy and tactices effortlessly. Stay a step ahead of your competition.


Grow your business with the inbound methodology.

With inbound marketing, you can attract prospects who are interested in what you are offering and speed up your business growth.

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Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing?

Inbound and Outbound are two different marketing approaches with a similar goal. The outbound marketing approach gets a company in front of people who are not necessarily searching for it. Traditional outbound channels are- TV, radio, print, billboards, etc. Even in this digital era, marketers still use an outbound marketing approach to reach a broad audience. Although the end goal of Inbound and Outbound is the same, they differ in three core areas.

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Permissive vs. Interruptive

The inbound marketing methodology lets businesses distribute their messages to prospects via permit actions they take on search engines, social media, e-mail opt-ins, etc. This is directed at people activeley looking for a service or a product.

Outbound marketing works on an interruptive approach. TV commercials, radio ads, etc. put out a business's message in front of prospects who are not searching for that information.

Pull vs. Push

If a business gets discovered by its ideal customers while they are searching for it, the business is said to 'pull' their target groups' interest in what they are offering.

This is inbound marketing in practice. With Outbound marketing, brand information is created and is 'pushed' towards the target audience group via advertising.

Specific vs. Generic

Inbound marketing follows a specific approach. Its core principle involves creating educational and entertaining content to address a particular audience group's problem. On the other hand, to increase the chances of reaching a substantial fraction of people who may be interested in a brand, Outbound marketing tends to be more generic and appeals to the entire public.


Why Business Needs Inbound Marketing?

A streamlined and focused approach to inbound marketing allows businesses to work smarter. With a strong strategy, industry-leading software, and buyer insights, inbound marketing has the tools to target ideal customers and serve them with the information they are searching for. By increasing interest and brand awareness, inbound marketing pulls qualified leads into the pipeline and sends them to a business's sales team when they are most ready to make a purchase.


Why Choose HubSpot As An Inbound Marketing Platform? 

HubSpot is a comprehensive Inbound Marketing and Automation Software Platform that lets businesses execute, manage, and measure all their inbound marketing activities seamlessly. 

As a Hubspot Solution Partner, we help our clients build profitable businesses with HubSpot as the solution backbone. The result is a value proposition that is unbeatable.


Every business wants to attract consumers who are most likely to become happy, satisfied, and loyal customers. But how to turn a lead into a customer? With HubSpot's content strategy tool, businesses can build their authority


By using HubSpot Conversations, businesses can build lasting relationships with their prospects and customers and capture useful information. When integrated with HubSpot's CRM, these prospect and customer information


Using email and marketing automation in conjunction with HubSpot Conversations can help businesses deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, every time.


5 Ways You Can Use HubSpot To Grow Your Small-Scale Business

Discover how HubSpot can streamline your small business operations and accelerate growth.

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Grow your business with the inbound methodology

Hubspot provides businesses the platform for inbound marketing strategy enablement and we have the experts to help you gain the most value out of these tools


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