User Experience Design

Done right, the user experience you deliver is a source of competitive advantage. Our teams help you realize the true potential of your initiatives by crafting innovative digital experiences that bring together our design and technology expertise with a deep understanding of business and user needs.

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How we help

We bridge the gap between vision and reality. We craft innovative, research-based digital experiences that balance form and function, and bring ideas to life.

UX Strategy

Get down to the basics. Devise innovative digital experiences that your users want.

Information Architecture

Ideate, quickly identify potential pitfalls and uncover opportunities, get executive buy-in.

Interaction Design

Go where your users are. Build positive experiences for mobile platforms and wearables.

Wireframing + Prototyping

Build websites and ecommerce experiences that convert and move brands to the next level.

Visual Design

Augmented Reality and AI are helping businesses innovate like never before. And we're ready.

User Testing

Design. Build. Test. Improve. Repeat. Nothing beats testing experiences with real users.

User Analytics

Go beyond the obvious by generating actionable insights from you customer experience strategy.


Insight and Practicality. Form and Function. Aesthetics and Usability. Experience and Verve. Metrics and Imagination.

We bring together our unique perspective of having worked with hundreds of startups, enteprises across the globe in designing stellar products, services and digital experiences for our clients.

Whether you need assistance selecting the right UX strategy as a part of your business initiatives, or to design a scalable information architecture, we use a blended, evidence-based approach that delivers products that don't just look stunning, but actually work in tandem with your business strategy. It's easier said than done though. The effort we put into our projects shows in every deliverable you get, every interaction you have.

We encourage participation at all stages, onsite or at our innovation center at QuarkCity, Chandigarh, India. We design with our heart, mind and soul in the game. And we love for our clients to work with us in crafting experiences users love.


Trust is a big word. And we don't take it lightly. We are a passionate team, that has, over the past 20 years, led and participated in technology initiatives ranging from user research, consumer mobile and web apps to large-scale enterprise projects, building lasting relationships.

Great experience all around!

... a pleasure to work with and I intend to continue to work with (them) on future projects...take the time to understand the "problem" and bring forth creative solutions.

It was a great experience all around!”

Dennis Mulato
Director, Digital Marketing & Commerce
McGraw-Hill Education

Grow to be Great

Whether you're a digital native or an established player, you'll benefit from our innovation, our persistence and an unflinching focus on performance.

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