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An Innovative User Experience For A Peer Support Program for Chronic Disease Management

UI/UX design for outcome-focused peer mentoring platform that focuses on improving clinical outcomes for patients with chronic diseases

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Project Overview

Forty-seven million patients each year search online for support from patients with a similar diagnosis. InquisitHealth provides a leading mentor-driven platform that enables patients struggling with chronic diseases better manage their condition. The PeerMentor platform from InquisitHealth unlocks long term behavior change to produce measurable health outcomes with broader social support and screening efforts.

We were tasked to craft a user experience strategy that enabled multiple user personas to get the best out of the platform and support their goals. Working with InquisitHealth in a multi-year, multi-version engagement, the Millipixels team devised an innovative framework that supported InquisitHealth‘s initiatives from ideation and design to development and rollout.


The Challenge

Peer support programs typically take one of two forms — online patient forums and in-person support groups. Traditional peer support is somewhat broken. Limited chat-based interactions, conflicting information, restricted access, and lack of privacy are among the many issues patients looking for support face.

InquisitHealth delivers peer support programs that are crafted to offer constant, custom-tailored support to give patients the results needed to boost medication adherence, enhance their patient journey, and improve quality of life. Our challenge was to develop a complete user experience strategy and design system that laid the foundation of a scalable platform that integrated features for the mentee, mentor, and administrative control.

The Journey

We started with designing the information architecture for the PeerMentor platform, looking at every stakeholder's viewpoint - the patients, the mentors, and InquisitHealth. Interaction Design, Wireframing, and Interactive Prototyping validated key concepts and ideas the team was coming up with. Our collaboration with the InquisitHealth team saw the platform evolve from supporting just pediatric asthma to other chronic diseases like diabetes, HIV, sickle-cell anemia, and hypertension.

Subsequently, we designed the flagship mobile app and a visual framework that works across the mobile and web platforms, in-line with the overall brand strategy. Since 2015, we designed five versions of the PeerMentor platform, refining our presentation to meet the evolving needs of users and the business.

Value Delivered

The past four years of my working with this team has been such a joy. We have an outsourcing relationship that has stood the test of time. InquisitHealth has been able to scale the PeerMentor platform, as well as bring PeerStrong to market with the commitment to excellence demonstrated every single day of our working together with the Millipixels team.
One of the biggest positives for us has been the ability of the team to take an idea from scratch, think through and design every step in the interaction model. Today, our apps not only look stunning, but are also exceptionally usable. Both PeerMentor and PeerSupport have been received very well with our user base and we continue to work with Millipixels to take these apps to the next level as our business model evolves.

Brijesh Patel

Chief Technology Officer,InquisitHealth

The Contours of our Solution

Pathway UX

The PeerMentor app introduces the concept of small challenges and habits users can adopt to better manage their chronic conditions.

Keeping things focused

The app framework is designed to keep users focused on the personal challenge at all times—attention to outcomes.

Community UX

The PeerMentor community is an important pillar of the program and the tag-based UX enables users to find relevant community content and connect with each other easily.

Device onboarding UX

The device onboarding experience enables users to quickly configure PeerMentor devices and get started quickly and effortlessly with their first readings.

PeerMentor admin panel

A comprehensive, custom enterprise app to enable the complete management of the InquisitHealth PeerMentor platform.

Mentee snapshot

The framework enables mentors to get a 360-degree view of their mentees and manage interactions using an easy-to-use dashboard.

We are aiming to create structural advantage which cannot be duplicated


The Big Takeaways

This project has seen the platform features, interface, and framework for web and mobile environments evolve through our five-year engagement with InquisitHealth. Consistent delivery on our commitments and providing exceptional support and experience have been key to this outsourcing relationship.

Innovating For Maximum Impact

Rapid iterations during the ideation stage, visualization of the proposed flows, and using existing components within the new UX framework helped drive clarity around critical concepts across multiple teams.

Meeting The Needs Of all Stakeholders And Support For Customization

We designed an extensive UX framework and rigorously tested the UI components' ability to present structural customization while maintaining the integrity of InquisitHealth's interface.

A Simplified Visual Language That Is Current And Keeps UI Out Of The Way

We simplified the system's visual language to build a streamlined UI that relied on elements like- white space, refined iconography, typographic and color treatments, and more to keep the user focused on the task at hand, without the user interface getting in the way.

Laying The Foundation For Future Growth And Addition Of New Capabilities

We designed a flexible UX framework that enabled InquisitHealth to quickly launch the program across communities and medical institutions and scale-up to thousands of simultaneous users with ease.

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Sumeet Kaur

Director of Content

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