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  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Automation
  • United Kingdom

UX & UI Design for COVID-19 Return to Work Programs

An effective Return-To-Work program for self-reporting and monitoring of symptoms, testing, and contact-tracing to help organizations stay a step ahead of the infections curve.

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Artificial Intelligence. Real Impact.

A user experience strategy to empower marketers through a sophisticated, relevant and insightful customer intelligence tool.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Automation
  • United Kingdom
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Transforming Digital Strategy For A Leader In Special Education

eCommerce infrastructure design, development, deployment, and management for a special education curriculum serving 5000+ school districts in the United States and Canada.

  • eCommerce Infrastructure
  • Special Education
  • USA
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eCommerce Design & Brand Refresh for one of the world's largest publisher

Revamping the Brand and eCommerce Footprint for an eLearning platform, helping millions of students reach their potential.

  • eCommerce experience design
  • Education
  • USA
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An Innovative UX For A Peer Support Program for Chronic Disease Management

An Innovative User Experience For A Peer Support Program for Chronic Disease Management

  • Healthcare
  • USA
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Influencer Monetization Platform for the New Age of Media

Developing a SaaS Platform That Enabled Influencers Expand and Monetize their Audience using hyper-targeted ads.

  • Media
  • SaaS
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Reimagining Eurofins Media QC Environment

A media QC experience to ensure a stellar UX across all touchpoints. An innovative QC portal, enabling seamless collaboration.

  • Media QC
  • UX/UI Experience
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MAM Solution Enabling Central Management of Digital Assets

A custom tailored MAM solution for a global entertainment technology and localization company.

  • Media Asset Management
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Transformative UX for Critical Care AI Solution

An innovative, intuitive UI framework for an application that enabled medics to anticipate and treat sepsis early in patients.

  • AI in Healthcare
  • USA
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Rejuvenating Elevated Distributing's Digital Presence

Design strategy to revamp the digital footprint and uplift the eCommerce experience of a CBD product range distributor.

  • eCommerce
  • USA
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