PeerMentor User Experience Design and Strategy

Peer mentors are achieving real results worldwide, especially for people facing debilitating, life-long diseases like Diabetes, Asthma, HIV, Hypertension, and Sickle-cell Anemia. InquisitHealth's PeerMentor app is a pioneer in the field, bringing together mentors and mentees on a common platform, achieving phenomenal results.

Since 2014, our people have helped design and bring to market four versions of the PeerMentor application platform.

Chronic conditions like Asthma, Diabetes, HIV, and Sickle-Cell can be difficult to handle for patients. InquisitHealth's PeerMentor concept was to design a platform specifically to help improve outcomes in these patients.

Our team started with designing the information architecture for the PeerMentor platform, looking at every viewpoint - the patients, the mentors and InquisitHealth. We then moved on to Interaction Design, Wireframing and Interactive Prototyping to validate key concepts and ideas the team was coming up with.

As we moved forward, it was important to not only design the flagship mobile app, but also a visual framework that works across the mobile and web platforms. It had to gel with the overall brand strategy for InquisitHealth.

Our faith and commitment to furthering the relationship has seen us design three versions of the PeerMentor platform, refining our presentation to match greater conceptual clarity and to meet emerging needs.

Value Delivered

The past four years of my working with this team has been such a joy. We have an outsourcing relationship that has stood the test of time. InquisitHealth has been able to scale the PeerMentor platform, as well as bring PeerStrong to market with the commitment to excellence demonstrated every single day of our working together with the Millipixels team.

One of the biggest positives for us has been the ability of the team to take an idea from scratch, think through and design every step in the interaction model. Today, our apps not only look stunning, but are also exceptionally usable. Both PeerMentor and PeerSupport have been received very well with our user base and we continue to work with Millipixels to take these apps to the next level as our business model evolves.

Brijesh Patel
Chief Technology Officer,

Today, PeerMentor is a leading coach-driven system for successful chronic disease self-management. Guided by a real-life Peer Mentor, this app provides bite-sized content and text support to complement patients' calls with their assigned Peer Mentors.

The app is available in English and Spanish on Apple AppStore as well as Google Play Store.

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