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Trusted by global companies, emerging businesses, startups and founders, our people work at the cross-section of technology, design and user experience to help our clients reimagine their business, stay agile, build stronger brands and stay a step ahead.


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Driven by values.
Focused on outcomes.

Reimagine ‘what’s next’

We bring together exceptional talent in technology, outsourcing and digital experience design to help our clients reimagine ‘what’s next’ in an ever changing global environment.

Driven by values

Our culture values ethics and integrity above all else. In every engagement, we work with transparency, candidness, and responsibility. It’s a promise and it matters.

Focused on outcomes

Our clients’ success is how we measure our success. We believe in, and are committed to, the outcomes we promise. And we stand with our clients every step of the way.

Visionary leadership.
Exceptional results.

Working at the cross-section of technology and design, we bring together incredible talent, insights, and market-smarts to every engagement we’re a part of. For over 27 years, our people have partnered with clients across the globe to decipher what’s next, and help them reimagine, reinvent and transform their businesses. Count on us being there. Every step of the way!

Harjeet S. Gulati

Founder & CEO

Harjeet S. Gulati
Harjeet S Gulati

Group Chair & CEO

For over 25 years, Harjeet has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. As a serial entrepreneur, investor and visionary leader in the global UX space for over two decades, he leads the Cerebrent Group as it expands across the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. His expertise, experience, and leadership continue to inspire us to push the limits.

Harjiv Kaur

Group Vice-Chair & COO

As a seasoned professional with close to 20 years of experience in building, training and leading teams, Harjiv has overseen the journey of Millipixels from a fledgling startup to an established player as an operational leader. For over 6 years now, Harjiv has been intimately involved with Compliance, HR and expansion of our operations across multiple geographies.

Shweta Sharma

Group VP of Human Resources

Since 2018 when Shweta first joined Millipixels, to now, she has worked her way to lead the HR function At Cerebrent, working with clients across the globe in helping them source the right talent for their initiatives. She has been a trail blazer and a recognized HR leader in the region for almost 18 years. Yoga, Travel and spending time with her family energise her every step of the way.

Sumeet Kaur

Vice President - Content & Services

With close to 20 years of experience in the technology industry, notably with organisations like Dell, Sumeet has been a pillar of strength for the team with her role in overseeing multiple initiatives and leading the content space with our marketing leadership team. A traveller at heart, she loves exploring new places, cultures and cuisines and capturing these moments with her camera.

Rameshwar Trivedi

Vice President of Technology

Hailing from the beautiful lake city of Udaipur, Rameshwar has been instrumental in setting the pace for our technology architecture, DevOps, and delivery teams. His leadership and impact is evident in the pace at which Millipixels is launching new products. An acclaimed blockchain and AI expert, his cross-cultural exposure lends a distinct flavour to our products.

Dushyant Nagar

Vice President of Engineering

Passionate about reading, swimming, and travelling, Dushyant has over 13 years of experience in developing and rolling out large-scale solutions for clients across the globe. He oversees the core engineering function At Cerebrent, building solutions, mentoring engineering teams, and ensuring we keep our standards high.

Jaismeen Kaur

Vice President - Software & Service Delivery

From her roots in software quality assurance and an abiding interest in business analysis, Jaismeen oversees our delivery teams, working closely with product managers, as well as internal and external stakeholders for seamless solution delivery. She has been an instrumental part of our journey since 2018, leaving a mark on our largest and the most successful projects.

Deepak Sharma

Vice President - Creative Services

A passion for gardening, quiet walks along the rolling hills of his native Solan, and a mind that’s a step ahead when it comes to design is what defines Deepak. As a design leader with over 13 years in the trenches, his work has seen him lead some of our largest projects in the user interface design as well as the creative services space since 2018.

Beyond impressions. Creating
a measurable impact.


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Since 2017, our solutions have been marked with innovation, transformative experiences and an uncanny ability to see around the bend when it comes to technology, experience and user behavior. We continue to lead the way with our quest to decipher ‘what’s next’!

A winning team that knows
how to deliver.

We’re in the midst of a major shift in how users access, consume and communicate digital information and data. At Millipixels, we bring together proven strategies and professionals with deep expertise and experience to solve our clients’ biggest challenges. We know how to deliver, and we are sought after for what we do.

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Build Better Business.
Accelerate Digital Transformation.

We’re in the midst of a major shift in how users access, consume and communicate digital information and data. At Millipixels, we bring together proven strategies and professionals with deep expertise and experience to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.

Our circle of trust


At Millipixels, we are always looking out to make this world a better place and create solutions that address your most pressing challenges. Work with us to discover and design what's next for you!

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