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At Millipixels, we leverage our deep expertise in user experience design, technology and outsourcing to design, develop and deliver next-generation digital experiences for our clients.

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Unlocking Growth and Innovation with Strategic Offshore Development Centers

In a world where agility and innovation are key, Offshore Development Centers stand as pivotal elements for business success. Learn how ODCs can be your strategic asset for operational excellence and global market leadership!

Reimagining how healthcare connects, communicates, and cares in the digital age

With a deep understanding of healthcare’s heartbeat, we drive innovation, elevate experiences and transform outcomes, elevating patient experience across all touchpoints.



AI and the Future of Healthcare User Experience

Millipixels Whitepaper on navigating the convergence of AI and user-centric, value-based care.



Transforming Patient Experience with end-to-end Journey Mapping

Bridging the gap between patient needs and healthcare offerings through comprehensive journey mapping.


Case Study

Innovation for a Peer Support Program for Chronic Disease Management

Peer support can change hearts, minds and behaviours for better health. Our team worked with the client to conceptualize and design multiple versions of a range of products over a 5-year period.


Case Study

Unleashing ground-breaking innovation in critical care

See how we joined forces with a visionary NYC AI company that’s reshaping ICU dynamics by predicting sepsis and enabling rapid, informed actions by providers.


Case Study

Enabling thousands of students and employees back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic

We engaged with senior clinical and product leadership at one of the world’s largest genetic testing companies to devise an innovative COVID-19 Return-to-Work program.

Engaging digital journeys that drive excellence

From startups to global giants, we architect user experiences that captivate, engage, and convert across every digital platform. Experience design reimagined for the future.

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Customer Talk

Innovating for Impact: Working with Higg for a Sustainable Future

In conversation with
John Armstrong, CTO, Worldly

Discover our transformative collaboration with Higg-Worldly to build a foundation for its comprehensive impact intelligence platform.


Case Study

Artificial Intelligence.
Real Impact.

We reimagined the UX & UI for an innovative customer intelligence platform for marketers, to make complex customer data insightful and actionable.


Case Study

Bringing StudioPod to life - Studio-grade headshots with the ease of a selfie!

Millipixels worked with StudioPod to transform the way people click, manage, and edit headshots. From taking high-quality headshots in just a click to editing them in the personal gallery, StudioPod takes photography to a new level.



Elevating the Digital Customer Journey: Strategies for Omnichannel Excellence

Discover how to elevate your brand's digital customer journey with our insightful article. Learn essential strategies for omnichannel excellence, personalized experiences, and optimizing every touchpoint for lasting customer relationships and business growth.



Designing the Future: UX-Driven Digital Transformation

Exploring the symbiotic relationship between UX and digital transformation- the key to a successful, customer-centric transformation journey.

Immersive digital experiences for the entire media value chain

With a deep understanding of media industry workflows, our MediaDX practice focuses on building innovative solutions across multiple domains within the media industry - Media QC, Localization, Content Monetization, Content Delivery, and more!


Case Study

Reimagining Collaborative Media QC Workflows

Working with Eurofins DMS to redefine quality control in Media QC to redefine e designed Media QC and Collaborative Portal solution, for a world leader in quality assurance, technical analysis, and testing of all formats of digital motion picture content.


Case Study

Digital Asset Management Solution for one of the world's largest localization companies

A revamped DAM platform for help our client better manage its media assets, and to improve localization workflow within its comprehensive media workflow platform.



OTT Solutions - Disrupting the Conventional Media Landscape

OTT platforms are undergoing a rapid transformation. From the highs of the COVID-19 period to the changing user preferences and increased competition. Technology-led innovations and data analytics lay the groundwork for future preparedness.


Case Study

Influencer Monetization Platforms for the New Age Media

Our custom-tailored digital solutions assisted our client with their influencer marketing campaigns, enabling them to optimize influencer investments with actionable performance insights.

Resilient and scalable eCommerce solutions for the age of AI

Our comprehensive eCommerce strategies are built around your unique business needs. eCommerceSX combines AI, analytics, and industry insights to develop scalable platforms that grow with you, ensuring your online business is not just ready for today but prepared for the future


Case Study

Reinventing the Stanfield brand & eCommerce Infrastructure

We created a consistent omnichannel experience to renew James Stanfield Company's eCommerce presence, helping them further their special education series to the schools and communities they have served across the US for over 4 decades.


Case Study

eCommerce Design and Brand Refresh for one of the world's largest publishers

Our Digital Commerce initiatives expertise helped us design a refined, connected, and easy-to-navigate user experience for McGraw-Hill's product pages.


5 Sure-fire tips to rock your eCommerce store sales!

Improve conversion for your eCommerce stores in an omnichannel world with these quick tips you can follow today. And you don’t need to spend a dime.



Securing Customer Data - 5 Best Practices for eCommerce Stores

Even as single data breach can makes your store lose credibility and puts the entire business at risk. Read this blog to get started on your data security journey.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation.

We’re in the midst of a major shift in how users access, consume and communicate digital information and data. At Millipixels, we bring together proven strategies and professionals with deep expertise and experience to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.

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