Saving the planet.
One user experience at a time.

Who knew user experience design could save our planet! That’s the impact our team delivered working with Worldly (formerly, Higg Co) to define a range of products forming its core sustainability suite for apparel, textile and footwear industry.

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For over 25 years, our people have helped businesses craft engaging digital journeys that set them apart, transforming challenges into opportunities, and delivering tangible outcomes.


John Armstrong

CTO, Worldly

John Armstrong

Elevating User Experience:
Where Innovation Meets Intuition.

At Millipixels, we see user experience as the cornerstone of digital success. Our approach is rooted in designing intuitive interfaces and engaging interactions that simplify complexity and enhance user satisfaction. By harmonizing design and technology, we craft experiences that resonate deeply with users, driving engagement and loyalty.
Our commitment to excellence involves forging strong partnerships and constantly refining our processes to stay ahead of user expectations. Together, we transform user journeys into memorable experiences, ensuring our clients lead with innovation and empathy in the digital landscape.

Developing New Products & Services that engage and captivate users

Bring your next big idea to life with Millipixels by your side

You have a vision that challenges the status quo, disrupts markets, and dreams of what’s next.At Millipixels, we share your passion for innovation and your ambition to shape the future. Our suite of services encompasses the full spectrum of innovation and strategic consulting to help you transform your vision into tangible, groundbreaking products and services.

  • Strategic UX / CX Consulting
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Concept Validation
  • User Research & Insights
  • User Experience Design
  • Technology & Platform Strategy
  • Immersive Experiences - AR/VR/Voice UX

Validating Product Concepts and Reducing Time to Market for SaaS and Mobile Applications

Innovate, Validate, Accelerate.

Millipixels bridges the gap between initial idea and market-ready application, employing a blend of agile development, user-centered design, and continuous feedback to bring your vision to life.

  • Concept Validation
  • User Experience Design
  • Technology & Platform Strategy
  • Launch & Scale Support
  • UX Analytics, Performance & Conversion Optimization

Data-driven Decisions, Simplify Complexity

Unlock Insights, Drive Innovation

From optimizing user flows to personalizing experiences and streamlining operations, our goal is to empower your team to make decisions that are backed by solid data, reducing guesswork and enhancing outcomes.

  • Data Visualization & Analytics
  • UX Analytics, Performance & Conversion Optimization

Optimizing Conversion Rates for eCommerce Experiences

Transform Browsers to Buyers

We bring together an intricate understanding of your audience based on user research, a seamless user journey, and an unyielding focus on data-driven decision-making that drives conversions.

  • eCommerce UX/UI Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization for eCommerce
  • Personalization and Contextual Design for eCommerce
  • Mobile Commerce

Revitalize Existing Products to reduce complexity and enhance user experience

Reimagine, Redefine, Revitalize.

Revitalizing your product is more than a facelift—it's about rethinking its core value proposition to ensure it remains relevant, competitive, and engaging in a market that never stands still.Our targeted UX interventions are designed to streamline interfaces, simplify complex functionalities, and inject new vigor into the user experience.

  • Strategic UX / CX Consulting
  • UX Audits, Assessments, and Standards-Compliance
  • User Experience Design

Omni-channel Customer Experience Strategy

Seamless Connections, Unforgettable Experiences:

Foster new digital business models and ecosystems to explore untapped markets and opportunities for growth.

  • Omni-channel Experience Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data Visualization & Analytics
  • Technology & Platform Strategy
  • UX Analytics, Performance & Conversion Optimization

Our Approach to Redefining
User Experiences

At Millipixels, we redefine user experiences through a blend of innovative methodologies, comprehensive solutions, and core values. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and impactful. Explore our philosophy and see how we turn ideas into transformative digital experiences.

Design Thinking at the Core

We embrace a Design Thinking approach to solve complex problems and craft innovative user experiences. This human-centered methodology drives us to empathize deeply with users, ensuring we understand their needs, behaviors, and pain points before we begin to ideate.


Empathize: Understand user challenges and aspirations.


Define & Ideate: Articulate user problems and generate a wide array of creative solutions.


Prototype: Develop and iterate prototypes rapidly.


Test: Gather insights from real users to ensure effectiveness.

Beyond Design: Crafting End-to-End Solutions

Our commitment extends beyond the realms of traditional design; we offer a full-service suite that encompasses the entire product development lifecycle. From concept to deployment, our team collaborates to ensure a cohesive, high-quality product aligned with your strategic goals.


Strategic Planning: Aligning business goals with user needs for a strategic roadmap.


Design & Development: Creating stunning and intuitive interfaces combined with robust and scalable development for a technically sound and market-ready product.


Launch & Growth: Ensuring successful launch and beyond to drive continuous growth and user engagement.

Our Design Values: Guiding Every Decision

Our design philosophy is underpinned by values that guide our every decision and interaction.


A Partnership for Growth: We view every project as a partnership, working closely with you to ensure that our designs propel your business forward.


Ethical Design and Inclusivity: We believe in the power of design to make the world a better place. Our designs are ethical, accessible, and inclusive


Empowering Through Knowledge: Education is at the heart of what we do. We empower our clients and the broader community by sharing the latest trends, insights, and best practices in UX.

Transforming Touchpoints. Elevating Customer Experience

Millipixels goes beyond app design, focusing on the full spectrum of customer experiences to enhance your Go-To-Market strategy. We're here to ensure every interaction with your brand is meaningful, driving superior customer satisfaction and business success.


User Journey Optimization: Enhancing every step of the customer journey for a seamless experience.


Brand Interaction: Creating cohesive and engaging brand interactions across all touchpoints.


Feedback Integration: Continuously improving based on user feedback and analytics.

Digital Success,

At Millipixels, every pixel is a stepping stone on our path to carving transformative digital landscapes. We blend artistry with technology, and creativity with data, turning ambitious ideas into tangible solutions that resonate globally.
From the first pixel laid to the final product unveiled, each step in our journey is marked by innovation, precision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Explore how we transform pixels into progress, crafting digital experiences that not only meet the contemporary needs but also anticipate and shape future demands, driving real, impactful change in the world.

Our work goes beyond what’s visible today. We work with our clients to help them address their most pressing pain points, discover trends, and uncover new opportunities. Take a look at some of our transformative work over the years.


User Experience Design for an AI suite that predicts patient deterioration in critical care environments.

New York, United States

We worked with our client to design the UX for an AI-based suite of products for use in ICUs, with a view to predicting patient deterioration and reducing overall mortality in critical care environments. The product is currently in use at some of the best hospitals in the US, with a massive adoption among Intensivists and a noticeable reduction in patient mortality.

The Digital Experience Advantage
with Millipixels

The Millipixels Advantage is not just in the outcomes we deliver but in the journey we embark on with our clients. Combining empathy with innovation, strategy with agility, and global insights with local impact, we create UX solutions that not only meet the moment but define the future. Partner with us to experience the transformative power of exceptional user experience design.

Empathy-driven Design

At the core of our UX philosophy is a profound empathy for the end-user. We dive deep into user personas, behaviors, and needs, ensuring every design decision is made with the user's best interest in mind.

Strategic Partnership

More than service providers, we act as strategic partners to our clients. Our collaborative approach ensures we are aligned with your business goals, working together to achieve measurable success.

Innovation at the Core

Leveraging the latest in UX research, design trends, and technology, we deliver solutions that are not only visually stunning but also functionally superior, setting new industry standards.

Agile. And then some.

Our agile design and development process ensure rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration, allowing for flexibility and speed to market without compromising on quality.

Global Insights, Local Impact

With a diverse client base and a global perspective, we bring a wealth of insights to every project, enabling us to craft experiences that resonate universally while delivering local relevance.

Recent Success Metrics

Enhanced User Engagement

Our projects consistently show a significant increase in user engagement metrics, with clients witnessing an average uptick of 43% in user session times and interactions.

Average increase in user session times and interactions

Improved Conversion Rates

Leveraging our UX expertise, our clients have seen conversion rates soar by an average of Y%, translating into direct business growth and increased revenue.

Average Increase in Conversion Rates post Redesign

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Post-implementation surveys and feedback loops reveal a marked improvement in customer satisfaction scores, with a 20+ point increase in Net Promoter Scores (NPS) amongst our projects.

NPS Improvement denoting a significant change in user perceptions post redesign

Global Reach

With a presence across multiple continents, we combine the benefits of global insights with the nuances of local expertise to offer unmatched services.

Countries Served

Sustainable Solutions

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, longevity matters. We ensure our solutions are not just cutting-edge but also sustainable for the long haul.

Repeat Business Rate over a 7 year period

Build Better Business.
Accelerate Digital Transformation.

We’re in the midst of a major shift in how users access, consume and communicate digital information and data. At Millipixels, we bring together proven strategies and professionals with deep expertise and experience to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.

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